City Council meets about feral dogs getting into Jackson Zoo - - Jackson, MS

City Council meets about feral dogs getting into Jackson Zoo

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Feral dogs have raided the Jackson zoo four times in the last ten years.

Beff Poff, the Director of the Jackson zoo said, "The most frustrating thing about this incident for us is, we truly have not figured out how the dogs got in"

During the latest attack back in December, the dogs killed six members of the gazelle family.

"One of the dogs that did escape actually climbed up and over the 8 foot fence so it's a frustrating thing in containment" said Poff.

She brought her concerns to city council, saying the zoo could use some assistance looking at culverts, a possible entry way for the dogs.

Animal control manager Paul Perry said, "Manpower issue. We have beefed up patrols we have direct patrols around the zoo area that's daily."

But there is still a staffing and finance issue so Perry is recommending pet owners to register all animals and pay a fee to the city of Jackson to help with funding. 

Perry said, "With those funds then we can purchase better equipment, we can get more training that we need. At the same time we make pet owners more responsible for their pets"

Other suggestions include a joint task force between animal control and the zoo or a dog park to help with finances.

Dekeither Stamps said, "They dropping them off at the cemetery. Dropping them off by the train tracks. These dogs are slowly forming these packs in Georgetown, West Jackson"

This issue is a continuing problem. We will update you with any new information or solutions the zoo comes up with.

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