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Historic flood crest for the lower Mississippi

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The swollen Mississippi River in Vicksburg is cresting on Friday, January 15 at 50.2 feet. 

The lower Mississippi has never reached levels this high in January, making this a historic flood. 

Even though the river levels are lower than originally anticipated, dozens of people have had to move from their homes in the Northern part of Vicksburg. 

Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs says at last count about 41 people moved from their houses to escape the flood waters. 

Officials with the Army Corp of Engineers say the river will remain at 50.2 feet for several days before starting to slowly return back to normal. 

"It'll stay that way through the weekend, probably all the way to Monday or so before the river starts to fall slowly, so we're going to see high water all the way through at least the beginning of February," says Greg Raimondo, the Chief of Public Affairs at the Vicksburg District, U.S Army Corps of Engineers. 

Due to the flood, water is flowing through the Mississippi River at 1.9 million cubic feet per second. That's the equivalent of 1.9 million basketballs flowing.

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