More counties eligible for assistance after December tornadoes - - Jackson, MS

More counties eligible for assistance after December tornadoes

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has declared three more Mississippi counties eligible for Public Assistance after December’s deadly tornadoes.

Coahoma, Panola and Quitman counties have been approved for all categories of Public Assistance. Benton, Marshall and Tippah counties were previously approved for all categories of the program.

The declaration provides assistance to state, tribal and local governments, as well as certain nonprofits.

“I appreciate FEMA’s quick response to our request for the additional aid,” Gov. Phil Bryant said. “This aid will allow our state to begin the long-term recovery from these devastating storms.”

The Public Assistance categories are:

Category A: Debris Removal.

Category B: Emergency Protective Measures.

Category C: Roads and Bridges.

Category D: Water Control Facilities.

Category E: Buildings and Equipment.

Category F: Utilities.

Category G: Parks, Recreational Facilities and Other Items.

The Public Assistance Grant Program triggers cost reimbursements to state, tribal and local governments, and certain nonprofits.

Typically, the federal share is 75 percent, with the remaining 25 percent split between state and local governments at 12.5 percent each. Eligible nonprofits are responsible for the full 25 percent.

Damage assessments continue in several counties to determine eligibility for Public and Individual Assistance.

FEMA declared Coahoma, Benton, Marshall, Quitman and Tippah counties eligible for Individual Assistance on Jan. 4, 2016. Additional counties may be added to the declaration, pending damage assessments.

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