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Woodrow Wilson water main repairs begin

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Construction began Monday morning to repair that water main break along Woodrow Wilson Avenue.

For some who frequent the area, it can't happen soon enough.

Many Jackson area drivers said they're glad construction has finally started, except Michael Hoskins.

"I'll be happy when they finish," Hoskins said.

Hoskins, who works at UMMC, drives through the one-lane area twice a week.

"Especially during rush hour traffic, it takes forever to get through. Then you try to go different ways, and all them ways are packed, too," Hoskins said.

Phase one of the project to repair the 36-inch water main and eventually re-open both eastbound lanes of the avenue began Monday morning.

Crews worked to fill in the potholes in the right lane so they can open it up to traffic, starting Tuesday.

They'll also close the left lane and start digging down to that broken water main to measure it and determine what materials they'll need for the repair.

That process could take around two weeks; the city of Jackson estimates the repair itself will take two months.

In the meantime, that one-lane bottleneck doesn't sit well with Hoskins, because it's hard to dodge potholes that could damage your vehicle.

"I got a gash in my tire right now from hitting one of them holes. That's money out of my pocket I gotta pay," Hoskins said.

When asked if he had contacted the city of Jackson for reimbursement on his vehicle damage, Hoskins said he had not.

"I don't think they really care. If they cared, the streets wouldn't be rackety," he said.

That water main broke in September. 

The city then released a statement in January, saying they had assessed the break and were in the process of finding a contractor and engineering firm to address the problem.

If the repairs are completed by mid-March, it would be a full six months since the water main originally broke.

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