Crowd rallies at the State Capitol to keep Mississippi's flag - - Jackson, MS

Crowd rallies at the State Capitol to keep Mississippi's flag

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The arguments for and against Mississippi's state flag haven't changed, but Tuesday was an example of persistence. Flag supporters don't want their voices to be lost in the shuffle as the flag fight rages on.

"How many of you are willing to take the fight to the legislature?" asked one rally speaker.

A crowd of supporters waved the state flag proudly. They want to see it flying high, despite the controversy.

"We plan to use our power as the voters to make sure that our wishes and our desires are conveyed to the legislature," explained Marc Allen, public affairs officer for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Mississippi Division.

People were given the chance to sign a petition for Initiative 58 as they arrived at the rally. The constitutional amendment would appear on the 2017 ballots if it gets the needed signatures.

"We don't believe it should be left up to legislators," noted initiative sponsor Rafael Sanchez. "The people decided in a landslide two thirds decision in 2001 to keep the flag. And we just want to be fair. We want it to go to the people again to decide. Leave it to the people."

But the wheels seem to already be in motion to get it changed.

"I certainly will author legislation to change the official flag of Mississippi," noted Senator Derrick Simmons. "We should have a flag in Mississippi that represents all Mississippians."

There were some members of the "One Flag for All" group who showed up. They were met by a group of men who stood with their backs turned, as if they were blocking them from getting any closer to the event.

"If Mississippi is going to move forward and have people from other states to help our economy, the flag has got to come down," said John Knight with the One Flag for All group.

Both sides seem to be following through with the promise to keep the fight going.

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