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Jackson Animal Control considers making pet registration mandatory

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

You may soon have to dig deep in your purses and pockets if you own a pet in Jackson.

Animal Control is pushing for a mandatory pet registration program and they have been working with police to create a plan.

“We are still just gathering research from other agencies from their registration process,” said  Jackson Police officer Colendula Green.

The program would require pet owners to register their dogs with the city and pay a fee.

How much will that cost and would this be a yearly thing is still unknown.  Police said it is all about accountability.

“It would prevent unwanted breeding and we would be able to keep a record of ownership of dogs,”   Officer Green.

This move comes after a vicious attack at the city's zoo involving several feral dogs.

Six animals died after that attack last month. 

“This is a group of dogs that probably had no owners and were allowed to continue to breed,” said pet owner Angie Carter.

Some dog lovers said it is about time the Mississippi put more teeth into its animal laws and they see the benefits of the proposed program.

“If you are going to take that on as your property and essentially an animal, a pet, you need to be accountable for it,” said Carter.

“It would be great. I think it would bring in more revenue to hire more officers,” said pet owner Beth Townsend:

Others wonder could it actually make a difference and will it be enforced.

“We need law enforcement to work together with animal control considering they are one,” said pet owner Chrissy Cheshire.

Police and animal control official said once the proposal is finished, it will be presented to the city council for vote, which could take several months. 

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