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Middle school put on lock down after gun threat

MONTICELLO, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Lawrence county school was placed on lock down Tuesday following reports of a gun on campus. Law enforcement conducted a search of the Rod Paige Middle School halting classes for much of the day.

A campus was on lock down for nearly five hours as law officers searched the school for a firearm.

It was tense hours for students, faculty and parents after officials learn of a threat sometime before 11 Tuesday morning.

"Some of the students reported to the teachers that they saw a particular weapon and at that time they had alerted the police department and the sheriff's department," said Lawrence County Sheriff Lessie Butler.

According to authorities, those students gave conflicting statements about the type of firearm and their location.

Investigators said a seventh grader sent a text message to a another student saying he was bringing a weapon to school because someone wanted to jump him and he was going to stop him. 

"He sent a text to another kid saying what he had and that he had it with him. Some actually said that they saw it but through our investigation we never found it and every room that he was in, school bus everything was thoroughly searched twice by us and a dog also," said Lawrence County Sheriff's Department Investigator Bruce Delaughter.

No weapon was ever found, but officials say all safety precautions were taken.

"When we got ready to get them out of school, we brought in a  metal detector to let them go through the metal detector to try to make sure that everything was safe that nobody was trying to cover up something that we hadn't found," added Sheriff Butler.

The middle school student and his parents were interviewed at the school.

Officials said classes will resume as normal Wednesday.

The 13 year old will be suspended for 10 days.

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