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Possible tornado damages several homes in Copiah County

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WESSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Thursday's severe weather caused scattered damage across parts of central Mississippi, but no deaths thus far.

For Wesson resident Jerrie Bland, it was all over in a terrifying instant.

"I was blocked in my car, and I managed to get out on the other side, but all's well, you know. I'm still alive," said Bland. "The wind started just blowing really hard and things started flying through the air and it was horrible."

A possible tornado ripped part of her home away, and gusty winds scarred the rest. Bland has to deal with roof leaks, shattered cabinets and damaged belongings because of it, but she survived.

"We can get all this fixed back, but it's just kind of nerve-wracking right now," added Bland.

A few houses down from Bland lives Travis Walker.

"In a matter of just seconds, it was over," said Walker.

In several areas, Walker's ceiling looks ready to cave in, but for now, the home's holding.

His shed that served to protect a camper outside the home wasn't so lucky.

"I had a tin shed over it, 30 by 32, took it all off," said Walker. "In fact, it's down the road about a quarter mile from here."

In the next day or so, damage assessments will begin. Eventually, cleanup and rebuilding will follow.

Those who've lost so much will have to take stock of what was spared, but they're thankful they made it out safely.

"I was thinking, 'God, please don't let it kill me,'" Bland said.

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