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Walt's Look Around: Natchez Rum Distillery

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NATCHEZ, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It’s a sweet job that allows you to let off some steam. And then you can bottle up the finished product.

Natchez is an unusual town in many ways, from the antebellum architecture to the Mississippi River to the lore and tales concerning such things as the Turning Angel in City Cemetery. But the town has had a long time to build up a catalog of uniqueness. Natchez is celebrating its 300th anniversary this year.

But here is something new in Natchez, but it somehow seems to fit right into the flavor of the city, a rum distillery. That addition of Charboneau Distillery gives Natchez, with a population of only a shade less that 16 thousand, a winery, a brewery and now a distillery.

Distiller Jean-Luc Charboneau tells us, “

We’re the only town in Mississippi that has the three,” Distiller Jean-Luc Charboneau tells us.

We said that this is a sweet job. By that I mean making rum starts with lots of raw sugar and molasses, dissolved to just the right measurement, with a dose of yeast added to work its magic, which, in the course of about 60 hours, churns up some alcohol. Charboneau says this distillery is a father-son venture.

“My dad always wanted to do it in his semi retirement and he called me up one day and say, Hey. Lets start a rum distillery, said Charboneau. "Turns out I have a knack for running the still. It only behaves when I run it.”

In thinking about it, making rum employes the same basic elements as something as unrelated as, say photography, especially in the old film days: when you used a lot of chemistry, a lot of physics and great deal of art to come up with a good picture. Almost like weather forecasting, too; Making rum in chemistry, physics and a lot of art.  

“This will get up to about a hundred and eighty degrees, pot temperature, at which point we are starting to get out first initial vapors off, said Jean-Luc, speaking of the still itself.

And then eventually those vapors will rise up to the deflamator, which is the stainless steel unit on the top there. And then we’ll start pulling off some actual alcohol.”

And when you do it right, you can really do it right.

“We got our results back from tastings.com, which is the beverage tasting institute, and they have rated us the best domestic white rum they have ever reviewed," added Jean-Luc.

Sweet work, lets off steam, and you can bottle up the results. And it’s a new added layer of flavor to the oldest city on the Mississippi River.

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