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CONSIDER THIS: Superintendent Changes

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Across Mississippi some school superintendents are elected and some are appointed. There is discussion to change that process and move to a model where all superintendents are appointed and no longer elected to office.

Electing someone to lead a school district is not the best way to have the most qualified person in that position. In fact, there are superintendents who are elected who have no educational experience.

They get elected by default because of the limited choices available to the voters. School board members should be elected and those district representatives should hire the superintendent based on the needs of that operation.

Instead of having someone unqualified to fill that slot, they can recruit and hire a leader with the right skill-set and experience to oversee and lead their district.

Consider This:

There are three states across the south where some superintendents are appointed and some are elected; Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. Hopefully state leaders will approve legislation to move Mississippi off of that list and have us join the twelve other southern states whose school boards handle hiring for this important position.  

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