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New Byram Walmart raises traffic concerns on Siwell Road

BYRAM, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

An estimated 20,000 vehicles drive up and down Siwell Road in Byram every day, and that number will increase significantly with a new Walmart store opening Wednesday.

However, some residents who drive through regularly said it's already dangerously congested as it is.

"It's gonna be some growing pains. I just ask the people of Byram to be patient and understanding," Byram Mayor Richard White said.

Those vehicles keep gradually increasing because employees at the new store have been training for several days.

"I've already had some restaurant owners tell me that things have picked up a whole lot since they started having employees working," White said.

The city has already added another traffic light to Siwell Road to help deal with the extra traffic.

Still, it doesn't bode well for everyone.

"Now it's gonna be that much worse, and they've already installed another red light, so that's gonna make the traffic back up more through here and it's just gonna overload out here," Hinds County resident Troy Williams said.

At times, Williams said the traffic backs up so far, cars and trucks on the Byram exit ramp end up blocking one lane of Interstate 55 South.

Rebecca Orgill, who lives just outside Byram, said she's worried about safety for those who might get impatient with long waits.

"[I'm] worried about the number of accidents increasing. I was in an accident a few weeks ago with my nephew and niece and it took about 30 minutes for the cops to get there," Orgill said. 

Still, others like Jackson resident Roman Hines said the added traffic comes with the territory. 

After all, Byram is getting bigger.

"Of course there's always going to be safety concerns because this area's growing, the population's increasing, and the fact is, if economic growth doesn't stimulate the economy, we're not gonna have the taxes to expand the roads," Hines said.

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