Area doctor stresses strict guidelines after lip balm lawsuits - - Jackson, MS

Area doctor stresses strict guidelines after lip balm lawsuits

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Earlier this month, a class-action lawsuit lobbed serious allegations at a brand of lip balm, claiming the cosmetic has serious side effects.

Now an area physician said he thinks laws are too lax regarding what some claim are "natural" products.

EOS lip balm has no shortage of celebrity endorsements, from Kim Kardashian to Britney Spears.

However, a growing number of customers claim the product causes them to break out in blisters and rashes on their lips and face.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court Wednesday, states EOS misled its customers.

A string of similar class-action cases claim the same thing in three states.

"I haven't seen it in my office, but I have seen other products where, you know, the company will claim that their products are natural. By doing this, they can get around some of the screening guidelines for safety," family physician Dr. Timothy Quinn said.

Quinn said the marketing of the lip balm potentially is the most misleading here.

It's promoted as organic and gluten-free, those dietary buzz words many love to hear.

The suit alleges the ingredients may be causing allergic reactions, particularly with those sensitive to Vitamin E. 

Vitamin E is not listed by name among the ingredients of EOS lip balm, according to the product website.

"In my research, a dermatologist at George Washington University stated products that claim to be natural aren't necessarily safe, and she even went further to quote that anthrax is natural, and it's not safe," Quinn said.

Quinn said one good thing that could come out of these lawsuits: better protection for consumers.

"I'm just hoping that this case will encourage stricter legislation so that all products, if they claim that their ingredients are natural or not, will have to go through the same strict protocols as far as screening, you know, so that we can all be safe," Quinn said.

A company spokesperson said he believes the products are safe and the lawsuits are "without merit."

At this point, the various types of lip balm have not been pulled off store shelves.

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