Manager of homicide victim says she was personable, well liked - - Jackson, MS

Manager of homicide victim says she was personable, well liked

Stephanie-Denise-Mejia.....Source: co-workers Stephanie-Denise-Mejia.....Source: co-workers
Janice NIcole Evans Janice NIcole Evans
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We are learning more about the two victims gunned down in South Jackson Sunday. 

Stephanie Denise Mejia, 29, worked as a server at Last Call and  the other victim Janis Nicole Evans, 23, were friends.  Friends and co-workers of the victims say they were personable and didn't have enemies. 

"We're in very disbelief about what happened because she was just here and all of a sudden gone just like that," said Ro Sanchez, manager at Last Call.  

Both Mejia and Evans were mothers of young children and Evans was three months pregnant. Friends and coworkers of both victims are stunned by what happened.

"We don't get a lot of calls for service in this particular area," said Commander Tyree Jones of Jackson Police. "I can tell you that much and I'm quite sure for an incident of this mass to happen right here in the street, I'm pretty sure everyone is in shock," said Commander Tyree Jones of Jackson Police.

Mejia worked at Last Call since September of 2014.  Her manager, Ro Sanchez says she was personable.

"She's very good at what she does," explained Sanchez. "She talks to customers for a long period of time. I always tell her, go go somewhere else, go to another table. She has a very good personality. She works very hard. She has a lot of regulars that come and see her here at Last Call. Like I said she's been here for two years and she has build up a clientele."

Sanchez says Mejia's personality made her a pleasant employee. Other coworkers who didn't want to go on camera are praying for some sort of resolution.

"We are truly sad here," added Sanchez. "It's a close family at Last Call. And we send our condolences to both families."

Jackson Police Spokesperson, Officer Colendula Green confirmed once the killers are caught they will face three counts of murder, one count for each victim, and one count for Evans unborn baby.   Again - anyone with information, call Jackson Police.

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