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Braxton woman warns of tax season phone scam

SIMPSON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It’s tax season and police say crooks are ready to take your money. One woman from Braxton  said she almost fell victim to what she calls an IRS phone scam and now she wants to warn other people in the community.

Friday, Virginia Turnage got a call that she will never forget.

“I was so scared and weak legged, I started shaking,” said Turnage.  

The call she said came from someone using this Washington D.C number clamming to be with the IRS. The Braxton woman was told she owed nearly $5,000  for tax fraud and had to pay up now or else.

“He said don't talk to nobody and go to Walmart and get a MoneyGram. I said I couldn't pay it all and he kept saying court or jail, “ said Turnage.

Virginia  said her son overheard the conversation and felt something strange was going on.

“I told her to call police to see if this was legit, but they kept telling her repeatedly not to get off the phone,”  said Gregory Turnage. 

Fearing she would be locked up or get in more trouble, Virginia drove to the nearest Walmart with the scammers on the phone. That's when she turned to a worker at Jackson Hewitt for help.

“I put the phone to my chest and I said can you help me, somebody is trying to get me for fraud I had not done. She said no, no this is fraud,” said Turange.
She said the tax worker then grabbed  her cellphone and after exchanging words with the  scammers, hung up and blocked them.

“That was the scariest part of my life.”

The Braxton woman now has advice for others who may be targeted by this tax season scam.

“The IRS told me that the IRS would not ever call you, that they would send you a letter. I said are you sure? She said yes, this is a fraud,” said Turnage.

If you get a suspicious phone call, record the employee's badge number and name as well as the phone number. Then visit IRS.GOV to report it.
 Also, please note that the IRS does not contact taxpayers by email text message or social media.

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