Wednesday's Child - Gabby - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child - Gabby

CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Out going and friendly, this week's  Wednesday’s Child is counting the days until she celebrates her 17th birthday. Gabby is hoping to have a big party with a forever family.

Gabby had not been skating in years, but was willing to try on a pair of skates and at least hold on to the railings.  She says skating is something fun she hopes to do some day with an adoptive family.

Gabby said, “I just want to have fun.”

If Gabby could choose one place to go on vacation it would be California.  She loves music, especially rap, and would go star searching for her favorite singers.  Gabby also wants to have pets in her new home.

Gabby told us, “anybody that loves me, cares about me, has a Mom, Dad, a little kid, animals. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal.”

Gabby says if you would ask her friends they would say that she is sweet and kind.  Gabby says what makes her happy is family.

Gabby explained, “I make a lot of people laugh, I really do.”

She has big plans for her future.  Gabby wants to attend college and then start a career in the military.

Gabby said, “an Air Force nurse.”

If not in the Air Force Gabby says she wants to be a nurse who takes care of babies.

To learn more about children waiting for permanent homes, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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