CONSIDER THIS: Wine in grocery stores - - Jackson, MS

CONSIDER THIS: Wine in grocery stores

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There is a push by grocery store owners to change the laws in Mississippi to allow wine sales in their stores. Liquor stores, the only option for wine purchases now, are against the move saying it will ruin their businesses.

I’ve lived in other areas where wine was available in grocery stores. The grocery stores offer lower prices, had wider selections and often times had sommeliers on staff to help you select perfect wine for your meal. It was very convenient.

Consider This:

In nearly every situation a free market system works best. The laws of supply and demand set the price for goods and services. Allowing grocery stores the opportunity to sell wine would be a positive move for consumers. It would be more convenient, create more options and better prices.

But what about the liquor stores? The legislature should also reduce the restrictions on those businesses and let them sell ice, mixers, snacks and other supplies. With these changes grocery stores and liquor stores could better serve their customers. It’s time to remove the regulations and let capitalism work.

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