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Walt's Look Around: Wood Sculptor Alex Brown

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BENTONIA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We have artist of all kinds in Mississippi, musicians, painters, writers. Alex Brown happens to be a wood sculptor.

One thing all of our artists have in common is, in whatever medium they work they have the ability to bring something into the world that wasn’t there before. Alex says of his work,

“You have to concentrate so hard on what you’re doing, especially when you’re doing something like this and you’re creating the eyes and you want, I love to make things look real or feel real,” said Alex of his work.

It’s another busy day in Brown’s shop near Bentonia in Yazoo County. Alex brings some pretty demanding parameters to his sculptures. For instance, no matter how large they are, he makes them from just a single piece of wood, including the 11-foot tall eagle for the Muse Center at Hinds Community College in Raymond.

“So that’s the largest piece I’ve ever done," said Alex. "Everything I do, I do from solid blocks of wood. I don’t glue pieces together, so if I make a mistake I’m in real trouble.”

Alex doesn’t stain the wood, either. He uses a paste wax to protect it and allows what nature put into the wood to be an integral part of the design. Alex says,

“I love nature, added Alex. Grew up, I had a bayou in my back yard. And I used to go catch snakes and frogs and I just loved being out there and loved being in woods. I love how hard you have to concentrate I like how tired I am at the end of the day. Sleeping is not difficult for me. I really love everything about it. I love looking at what God has created and trying to understand the little nuances. I love exploring what God’s created on this earth.”

I think what an artist does could almost be called a second creation. All of the rest of us see these same things in nature they see, all day long every day. But I think it is interesting that sometimes we never really see a thing until after we see the interpretation an artist has done of what THEY see in that thing and translate that vision into their work, be that in a song about love or heartbreak, or a novel about life, or a painting, or a sculpture, like the ones Alex Brown of Bentonia creates.

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