Vicksburg Mayor and residents begin cleanup after winter river f - - Jackson, MS

Vicksburg Mayor and residents begin cleanup after winter river flood

VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Residents in Vicksburg have begun returning home as the Mississippi River falls pushing the flood waters out of their neighborhoods. 

Eugene Ross lives in the Kings Subdivision. He got seven feet on his street.

“It was pretty bad. It was not as bad as it was in 2011, but it was bad,” Ross said.

Now the neighborhoods in Ross' area are just about dry, but the cleanup is just beginning. In fact, the community's alderman told me around three or four homes got water inside.

“This refrigerator was down the street and we had to go get it.  We had stuff floating we have been picking up, my steps floated away,” Ross said.

Downtown Vicksburg stayed relatively dry during this winter flood. Including, the historic old train depot where the sand bags still sit to protect it. The roads in the were also bustling with activity again.

“Businesses will not be interrupted now, so that will go back to helping us on our tax base,” Said  Mayor Flaggs.

Mary Landers of Levee Street Market Place agrees.

“I am relieved that is reopen because there is a lot of traffic coming through now and it is all good,” Landers.

 The mayor said Monday he hopes the debris cleanup near the riverfront will begin along with a flood  damage assessment of the city.

“We will spend around 60,000 in material and a $100,000 thousand dollars in manpower. Hopefully, it will be enough for the president to declare a disaster, so we can get reimbursed.  The bad news is this is not declared a disaster that means we are going to have to absorb some of these costs,” said Mayor Flaggs.

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