Rumors of closure swirl around Clinton movie theater - - Jackson, MS

Rumors of closure swirl around Clinton movie theater

CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There may be some good news for movie lovers in Clinton who may have heard the theater there is closing.

But according to the new corporate owners, the Clinton theater is a part of its 109 screen portfolio of several states.

"When it comes to a major movie for 3D we like to come over here," said Joseph Caruthers of Vicksburg.

He and wife Kimberly are huge Star Wars fans and say the special effects on screens at the United Artist Clinton Center 10 keep them coming back.

They hope rumors of the theater's closing are just that.

"We've seen it twice, and this is where we come to see 3D movies. In Vicksburg we don't have it, so it's really a shame," said Kimberly Caruthers.

"When it comes to a major movie for 3D we like to come over here. We also have friends that live in Clinton so it's nice," added Joseph Caruthers.

Theater manager Jason Pollan said he did not know about the theater closing and referred us to Direct Regional Entertainment Group Media for comment.

They had not returned our calls as of news time.

However Biff McGuire, CEO of United Development Company of Southlake Texas, said they acquired the Clinton location last March as one of 11 theaters purchased in a $40 million dollar deal for properties in eight states.

McGuire said that while terms of the lease are confidential, he understands there are no plans to close the Clinton theater.

"I went to MC Law School and graduate school at MC, and I would come out here a lot of times with my friends. So it's kind of a landmark building for us. There's not a lot of theater around here especially out here. I hope they won't close it," said Kimberly Bradshaw who drove from Pearl to see Kung Fu Panda 3 with Asha Nieminen of Clinton.

Saturday afternoon Linda Washington of Indianola was in Clinton and took the grandchildren to see the newest Kung Fu Panda.

"I think it would be really bad because I'm sure that a lot of people must come, and they probably would have to go to Pearl instead of coming here. So it would make a lot of sense to keep the theater open," added Washington.

Clinton City spokesman Mark Jones said officials have not heard from either of the parties involved and are trying to learn the facts.

So far Jones said there have been no requests for zoning changes for the location.

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