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Mississippi news icon Bert Case dies

JACKSON, Miss (AP) -

Tough as nails, hard-hitting, a newsman's newsman....those are the kinds of words you hear when people talk about Bert Case. He leaves behind a body of work and a television journalism career in Mississippi that can only be described.... as legendary.

 When it came to getting the story, few could do it better than Bert Case.

 And he was fearless, taking on everything from natural disasters..to Pit bulldogs; even agitated public officials.

 But he was just as comfortable with the small stories...And the man loved gadgets...

 Trains, planes, anything on wheels and water and everything in between; clearly, Bert Case's true passion was story-telling.

 He had a journalism career that spanned 50-years after his graduation from Ole Miss and stint in the military.

Case worked at all three network affiliated television stations in Jackson, covering almost every major news story, whether he was  reporter, anchor or news director.

His style may have ruffled a few feathers along the way, but clearly that's part of what earned him the respect and admiration, not only of his peers, but the people of Mississippi who fell in love with that melodious voice and signature sign-off.

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