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Fallen Riders Motorcycle Club to the rescue

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When like minded people come together for a good cause, good things happen. Over the weekend the Friends of Fallen Riders, a non-profit motorcycle group, took on a new project. 

Friends of Fallen riders was in the the Mayes street neighborhood about 3 months ago and spotted a blue tarp on a rundown home. The house was in desperate need of repair and the homeowner was unable to come up with the money.

After raising donations, supplies and an assortment of volunteers, they returned with brushes, hammers and a crew of experts.

We were told the homeowner had roofing issues where there was water coming inside the home. They didn't want her to be exposed to any mold or issues like that. Vance said there are also siding related issues that she had and they were able to fix the roof and the siding as well as the front porch. 

The work was a labor of love for someone who was disabled and had nothing to give in return.

"We took om this tremendous project here in the community to provide assistance to the homeowner for some greatly needed home improvement issues she was having and she was not able to do on her own," according to Vance.

Soon the shaky front porch was replaced, a new door went up, and the roof was patched and siding was painted. 

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