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Hazlehurst residents blame city for flooding

HAZLEHURST, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In Hazlehurst, residents who live on Vardaman Street are returning home to pick up the pieces after flood waters swept through their neighborhood Tuesday. One family is claiming Mother Nature may not be totally to blame for their loss.

Family and friends help flood victim Brenda Sandifer carryout and dry items that got wet.

“I am doing whatever I can to try and salvage what I can salvage,”  said Flood Victim Brenda Sandifer.

And that's not much, she lost just about everything. Her two grandsons' belongings was also ruined, they lived here with her.

“We had a lot like clothes I just bought for school, my brand new books that cost hundreds of dollars,” said flood victim Santonio Wallace.

 Sandifer and her grandsons admit they panicked when they saw three to four feet of water rising in and outside their  40 year home.

“I was hoping that we didn't drown,” said Sandifer  

“It was so full like a lake,” said Wallace.

While Sandifer and several of her neighbors mostly blame Mother Nature, they are also point fingers at the the city for this wet mess.

“They will come out and ride, but not to get anything done,” said Sandifer’s daughter Linda Scott.

“We have been having drainage problems in here for a while, and it got so bad that the sewage would back up in my bathtub,” said Sandifer.

WLBT tracked down the area’s alderman, Frank Jones, to ask him about their complaints.

“We have been down there several times to clean out the drains and rerouted the water-drainage system down there," said Alderman Jones."The problem is after looking at the maps this morning that it is in a flood zone.“ 

Jones promises the city will do more to hopefully prevent future water woes.

“We are going to call in the city engineer to see what can be done about it,” added Jones.

Sandifer and her grandsons are asking for help after losing just about everything in their home due to the flood.  If you would like to help, please Sandifer’s daughter Latonya Weathersby at (601) 320-8844.

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