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Walt's Look Around: The Roxie Water Tank

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Lots of our small towns and villages have dried up. but that can’t happen to Roxie. No matter what else happens to the Franklin County town, they will never dry up, because they saved the old water tank.

It is sort of hidden away in the thickets now, but it’s still here, the old water tank that used to sit right downtown beside the railroad tracks. It’s not by the tracks anymore because the tracks are gone. And it was moved instead of being torn down and hauled away for scrap lumber.

Long time Roxie resident Norma Walker remembers when it was still downtown and in use. That was back when downtown was still in use.

"At that time we had passenger trains," said Walker. "We had seven passenger trains in Roxie, running through Roxie. And we had two hotels."

I would have never known about the old water tank had Roxie Mayor Michael Wright not shown it to me.

"It’s a part of our history and we’re kind of proud of it," said Mayor Wright.

Now, this, of course, isn’t the water tower Roxie uses. It sits right beside the new modern structure that took over duties from the wooden one way back before almost anybody can remember.  But the old one still stands as a reminder of the old days; Days when people stopped here instead of simply going on the bypass around town. When there were stores and trade and shopping and lots of people.

"Even though we were in the middle of the depression," added Norma.

Mayor Wright says someday someone may want to restore the old water tank. But in the short term, little Roxie has the same problems the big cities have.

"Improve our sewer systems, of course our streets," added the Mayor.

But when that gets too much to deal with, he can always stroll over here to the edge of town and look at the old water tank and remember he is the mayor of a town with a past, of which he is a key part of its future.

One of Mississippi’s most enduring tales of buried treasure comes form Roxie. We will tell that story Friday in the 5pm news. 

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