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The Town of D'LO experiencing flooding woes

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Floodwater in Simpson County is receding in some areas, but not fast enough for some residents especially in the town of D'LO. The swollen Dabbs Creek and Monday’s storm are being blamed for the flooding.

It was clean up time at Mary Edwards’ Home on Jupiter Street in D’LO.  Wednesday, she got nearly four feet of water inside her home and now it is a wet mess.

Her son, Troy came back to inspect the damage done. He said this is fifth time his childhood home has been flooded, and it seems to get worse and worse and it is truly frustrating.

“We keep putting up with this year after year," said Troy Edwards. "Every time the Spring comes or the rainy season we have to deal with this and it’s gotten to where it is a little hard to deal with it to be honest with you. We had a lot of work, we had this house remodeled last year about this time and look at it now.” 

D’LO’s Mayor John Henry Berry  said the flooded home on Jupiter was just one of two that water rushed in last night and there are still a lot of streets in the community that look like lakes.

“We had to evacuate about 50 folks from some apartments right up the street here and all the houses behind me down toward North Oak," said Mayor Berry. "South Oak was kind of spared, but that’s if the river stays down and doesn't come on out. If the river comes up, we have to start worrying about the other side.”

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