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CONSIDER THIS: Economic Development

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Mississippi needs some good news about economic development and it seems the state is very close to landing two major projects that will create thousands of jobs.

Consider This:

In today’s market, economic incentives are required to bring in large employers. Mississippi, mired at the bottom of many rankings, has a more difficult challenge than other states in recruiting these projects.

That means state leaders often times have to sweeten the pot to close the deal and beat out the competition. And for the most part, that has worked.

State leaders have hit home runs on some of these projects like Nissan and Toyota, but have failed miserably on others that were focused on alternative fuels.

Unfortunately, the success of a project is never guaranteed. As long as there is extensive due diligence to justify the incentives and viability of the initiative, betting on these projects is a risk worth taking.

Hopefully the two proposed projects come together as planned. Mississippi needs more jobs and better paying jobs. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that in a few years these two are mentioned as wise investments just like Nissan and Toyota. 

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