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Walt's Look Around: Roxie Gold Hole

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We need a good mystery now and then and today It is a story of buried treasure that has endured for nearly a hundred years, off and on. Most people think there is nothing to it, except for one undeniable proof.

And here is that proof. Get a map or a satellite picture of Mississippi and zoom in, to maybe two miles north of Roxie, out east of Natchez, and then follow Gold Hole Road to the west of Highway 33 until you get to this. This is the Gold Hole. Proof somebody dug for something. And the hole started with a death-bed revelation.

He gave this map to Reba and told him that Gold was buried on his place," said Norma.

Now, the gold would have been buried as far back as 200 years ago. And most of Mississippi was broke as the 10 Commandments back then. So where did the gold at the bottom of the hole come from in the first place?

"Jesse James," said C.B. "I never did know he came to this area. But they said he did come to Natchez, so…"

"They went back and tried to retrieve the chest," added Norma. "It would sink every time they tried to get it out."

That’s the nub of the story. Doesn’t matter so much where it came from, when they started digging for it, they could never get it out.

"They said every time they would dig, it would slip down in there because there’s quicksand and what have you," added C.B.

And the more it sank, the more they dug. And the more they dug, the more attention they attracted.

"That road goes, I guess, a couple of miles from 33 over to the other Hamburg Road," said Lloyd. "And there was people lined up on that Hamburg Road waiting to get in there to look at it."

"Then they started selling shares in the gold," added Norma.

"They say it’s got a curse to it," said C.B.

"I’ve heard rumors about there was sink holes," said Michael. "If you ever try to go look for it you would sink.

"And the gold is still there," said Norma.

"I think that man got that money and throughout the years he sold the rights to it," said C.B.

"I tell you what I’ve read on Facebook. When he asked him, he never made a comment whether he got that gold or not. But he went out in Texas and retired," said Lloyd.

One story with at least three different endings and way more than that, beginnings. And it left behind a big hole in Franklin County. But no matter how big the hole, I don’t think it is big enough to hold all of the tales surrounding what was supposed to have been in the bottom of it.

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