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Jackson Women wear red to help fight the top killer in the country

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Women across the nation are wearing red today. No, it is not a fashion statement, instead it’s a movement to help fight heart disease that targets 1 in 3 women.   

A sea of red filled the lobby at Baptist Hospital in Jackson for the Go Red Party.

 It was an all  ladies party aimed to fight the number one killer in the country. They got free cardiovascular health guides and special red ribbons for coming to today's heart healthy event. 

American Heart Association volunteer Ollie Galloway was also at the party. Her son almost died two years ago when he went into cardiac arrest on the basketball court and she said that incident made her focus more on her heart.

 “We started eating healthy, we started going to gym, we are doing Zumba. We are staying active and we have a healthy lifestyle,” said Galloway.

Dr. Antoine Keller, a cardiovascular surgeon at St. Dominic Hospital, agrees a healthy lifestyle is a must. He also points out while there are some risks you can't control, some you can and should.

“Most notably the first one, the second one and the third one all have to do with not smoking," said Dr. Keller. "Smoking is one thing that is found to accelerate cardiovascular disease.” 

Keller also recommends that women should schedule regular checkups once a year to prevent heart disease or early detection. 

“Especially if you have risk factors; early heart disease in your family, high blood pressure, cholesterol diabetes, all of these things are risk factors,” added Dr. Keller.

 The cardiovascular surgeon also wants women to always listen to their bodies because it could help save their lives.  

“A lot people don’t realize that heart disease kills more people than all types of cancer combined,” said Keller.

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