Carjackers questioned in other crimes - - Jackson, MS

Carjackers questioned in other crimes

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson police have arrested these two teens and charged them with a Sunday carjacking. They are 18 year old Deontae Paige and 19 year old Gregory Hines.

The two certainly fit the description of two young men wanted by police for carjacking women in Jackson recently. JPD officials say their detectives are questioning them to see if the are involved in other crimes.

"It's certainly a possibility they are involved in other carjackings," said JPD Chief Lee Vance.  "I think it's probably a bit premature to say they're responsible for the recent rash of these type crimes we have but this is obviously a break for us a step forward."

Jackson police say it was an off duty officer who helped arrest Paige and Hines in the vehicle they had carjacked moments earlier Sunday night.

Last week Jackson police put out a warning to women, telling them to protect themselves from becoming the victim of carjackings, after several women were targeted.

"It's very upsetting to me, that's why we took the step of being pro-active," added Vance. "We are concerned to the point where we want people to have as much information as they can in hopes that it'll keep them from being a possible victim."

Women are still being urged not to venture out alone especially after dark, and to always park in a well lit area, and avoid distractions like talking on the phone."

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