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Potholes pose problems on Pearl Street

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

If you drive in Jackson, you've likely ran over a pothole or two. The infrastructure problem has been plaguing the city for decades. We found another rough spot in the city. 

When you take the Pearl Street exit off Interstate 55, about a half mile down there is a cluster of potholes.  Some of those potholes have been there, unfixed since 2013.

Drivers try to dodge the section daily to prevent damage to their cars.

"I drop right in one of them, a great big one," said Clifton Lewis of Jackson. "It's an adventure everyday. As you get in your car it's an adventure everyday to drive." 

The pothole problem is a big issue, even for people who are not from here.  

"I'm glad I don't live up here," said Cody Priest of Franklin County. 

The city of Jackson plans to assess this street and determine repairs.  Many say it's an issue they're tired of dealing with.

"Well, they are really bad and this is not the only place they are bad, said Paul Pruitt of north Jackson. "State street, fortification, lots of them."

Director of Communications for the Mayors Office, Shelia Byrd, says every week there are crews patching up potholes and they are doing the best they can to keep up with the worse ones.

"Maybe it will be a good idea if they get four crews and start from each side of the city and come together and work 24 hours a day," added Lewis explained.

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