Residents remain vigilant in the face of crime - - Jackson, MS

Residents remain vigilant in the face of crime

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In recent days several restaurants in south Jackson have been the target of armed thieves. 

Gunfire and shootings are becoming too commonplace for some.

How are these crimes affecting those who live and work in south Jackson?

Some residents say it's a daily battle, but they don't plan to lose after investing in purchasing homes.

"I want to support Jackson, but it's hard," said south Jackson resident Christie Lynch.

Lynch, a registered nurse, is cautious when shopping and traveling in the area after recent business armed robberies and neighborhood crimes.

The 32-year-old said she chose not to move to Madison to stay and support the city, but she wants to see improvements soon.

"I know the police are trying to do all they can, but I wish they would do more like around the clock security." said Lynch. "Maybe more truant officers because the businesses out here are dying and it's sad."

Other residents take precautions like shopping and doing their business during the day.

They believe teenagers and young adults are committing many of the crimes in the area. 

"At night time, your kids be out. Parents need to be watching, said south Jackson resident John Dent. "That's whose doing all the crime. I just don't too much come out late at night after 10, but other than that the same thing, same routine."  

It was a violent day on the streets of Maria Drive off McDowell Road Monday where two cars were left abandoned after exchanging gunfire and crashing.  

In recent days, two Waffle House locations and the IHOP in south Jackson have been robbed.

Kevin Rogers has been arrested in connection with the IHOP armed robbery.

"Obviously people are concerned about that so we aren't saying the problem is solved," said Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance. "But we're comfortable that we're being aggressive. We're being visible, and we're working with the community to make the situation better."

No arrests have been made in the Maria Drive shootings and crash.

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