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Law enforcement has positive feedback regarding social media

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Local law enforcement is embracing the trend of social media and using it to its advantage.

Jackson Police Officer Colendula Green said, "We solve more crimes because of social media."

Evolving nationwide is the use of social media inside law enforcement offices.

The Jackson Police Department is one of many metro departments embracing the trends of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to connect with the community and solve crimes.

Green said, "Everyday I am checking our Facebook page and inside the inboxes. I am checking and I find a lot of people sending information to us. Once I get that information, I am giving it to the detectives. They are able to do a follow up on that information and most of it is accurate."

From municipal court information to armed robberies, shootings and carjackings, Officer Colendula Green runs the social media pages within JPD.

She said the department has been using the platform for crucial information to get leads on cases for about three years now.

Green said, "Back in the day we thought they would hurt us, but now we are finding out it's very helpful and helping us solve crime. Also, it is helping us get pictures from criminals who love bragging online."

Not only is the criminal element confirming crimes committed through pictures and posts, Green said residents can conveniently connect with officers in an instant with their fingertips.

Green said, "We are happy to have this social media contact as a tool to solve crime and also get information out there. A lot of the times a lot of people don't know what we are doing. So, I put it out there and tell everybody that's taking place out of our department. We want everybody to know we are not just solving crimes and serving and protecting, but we are doing positive things in the community."

Green said the department is focused on community policing. She said many of the crimes solved in the Capital City transpired through social media.

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