Parents take issue with being blamed for teenager's alleged crim - - Jackson, MS

Parents take issue with being blamed for teenager's alleged crimes

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The parents of a Jackson teenager arrested in connection with a recent rash of armed robberies are speaking out about the charges.

Ivan Eatmon's mother and father say they are good  parents who should not be blamed for their child's alleged crimes.

Seventeen-year-old Ivan Eatmon and Pierre Pryer were arrested by Jackson police in connection with several recent armed business robberies.

Anna Blackmon and Billy Eatmon are Ivan's parents and said they are frustrated with the idea that parents are being blamed for the crimes their children commit.

"We are doing our job. We've done the best that we can. My son doesn't do this. This isn't something that goes on all the time," said Anna Blackmon. "My son doesn't get in trouble. He was caught up in something. I don't know what it was, why, but he was."

Jackson police also charged Pierre Pryer with three counts of armed robbery.

According to investigators, Eatmon's black Chevy Impala matched the description of the vehicle involved in the robberies.

Eatmon's parents say their son, a Wingfield High School Senior, gets good grades, and just recently became friends with Pryer.

"The people that he deals with I try to tell him everyday, everybody you think is your friend is not your friend, because if that was a friend they wouldn't put you in a predicament that you was in," said father Billy Eatmon.

Investigators said Eatmon is linked to the armed robberies of the Waffle House, Nail City, the Beatty Street Grocery and the Jackson Ice House.

The Ridgeland Police Department is working with Jackson authorities regarding a black Chevy Impala and recent robberies in their jurisdiction.

"We raised him to be respectable as a child. He's very respectable. Now for Lee Vance, and Yarber to make the statement that they made in that press interview the other day was uncalled for. Like she says anybody's kid can get trapped up, caught up," added the disheartened father.

Ivan Eatmon remains in the Hinds County Detention Center without bond.

Authorities say more arrests and charges are possible.

According to police, Eatmon and Pryer face possible robbery charges in Clinton as well.

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