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Alligator lurking in Rankin County pond

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

When local rivers and creeks rise, it is not uncommon for residents living nearby to encounter alligators. For those living on the reservoir they are a common sight. But what about seeing a giant reptile taking up residency in your local pond or lake?

"Our realtor actually called us and told us that there was an alligator in our pond," said Corine Lowry who lives in eastern Rankin County.

The Lowrys moved to central Mississippi from Tulsa, Oklahoma, in December and were concerned to learn that a giant reptile had taken up residency in the water near her home.

She is the mother of four small children.

"We told all of our friends and all of our neighbors that there was an alligator in the pond, and we were wondering if we should call the game warden," said the concerned mother.

The fierce looking lake invader is quite the talk of the community.

Wade Garrett moved to the pond in December.

"I was gonna get my gun. I was gonna shoot him," said Garrett. "I'm from south Louisiana, so it's nothing to hunt gators down there."

Residents say people have stopped to take pictures at the roadside pond and have even fired shots at the looming figure floating in the water.

"A man told his three daughters, take a picture of the gator. This is the last time you're gonna see it. I'm gonna go home and get my gun, and I'm gonna shoot the gator," said Bill Mills who lives near the pond and drives by regularly.

Needless to say a cold blooded reptile in their midst raised alarm bells for some residents who confronted the property owner and learned that the alligator is really fake.

"He told us that it was there just kinda to deter people from fishing in his pond," added Lowery.

Apparently distress over the situation was thankfully all for naught.

"People were gonna shoot it. They thought it was a real gator," said Nancy Mills, who lives near the pond. "It's funny cause you got to laugh at it you know."

"Once I found out it was fake, it was no big deal," added Garrett, who was armed and ready for the challenged..

"It ain't gonna hurt you, if it was a real gator," added Bill Mills with a chuckle. "You don't mess with the gator, the gator ain't gonna mess with you."

Before talking with residents, we reached out to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks about an alligator making its home in a pond.

We were told that residents should only be worried if the alligator was feed by humans and is no longer afraid of them or unless the reptiles feel threatened.

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