Third escaped inmate captured after 10 days on the run - - Jackson, MS

Third escaped inmate captured after 10 days on the run

Deundre Pinkston Source: Hinds County Deundre Pinkston Source: Hinds County
Gary Jerome Chambers Source: Hinds County Gary Jerome Chambers Source: Hinds County
Jeremy Demond Jordan Source: Hinds County Jeremy Demond Jordan Source: Hinds County
Source: Google Maps Source: Google Maps
HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Saturday the third inmate who escaped work detail, with the Hinds County Sheriff's Department on February 10, was captured.

Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason said 20-year-old Deundre LeShaun Pinkston, of Byram was captured at 140 Bell Street around 3:15 p.m.

The two other escapees, 31-year-old Gary Jerome Chambers and 24-year-old Jeremy Demond Jordan, both of Jackson are also in custody.

Sheriff Mason said an anonymous tip from Crimestoppers lead to Pinkston's capture.

Pinkston was found sitting on a porch of an apparent vacant house and he "appeared to be enjoying the breeze" said Mason. The house was surrounded by pit bulls, we're told.

Deputies approached Pinkston and he denied his identity, but he was identified by his tattoos Mason said. 

He was taken back into custody without incident.

Sheriff Mason said Pinkston is now looking at an additional one to five years for his escape.

Chambers was apprehended after a tip was reported to Crimestoppers that he had fled to Memphis. Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason says that Chambers was staying with a relative.

The Hinds County Sheriff's Department coordinated with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office to take Chambers into custody. He was then extradited back to Hinds County.

Officials are trying to determine how he got to Memphis, since he did not have the funds to travel there. Officials believe he had an accomplice and they are currently questioning family members.

The sheriff said the non-violent offenders were picking up trash on I-220 Northbound and Forest Avenue.

 Jordan surrendered to authorities on February 12. Sheriff Mason says when he was captured, he cried and told them that "the devil made him do it".

Jordan told authorities that the trio had planned their escape. 

They told the guards that they were going to use the bathroom and when they were let out of the area where they were working, they walked off. 

Chambers and Pinkston had only 24 days left to serve. They could now serve anywhere from one to five years. 

In an earlier message to Pinkston, prior to his capture, Sheriff Mason said, "We will use every leverage available from law enforcement to apprehend, locate and arrest Deundre Pinkston. And I caution him - he needs to come in."

Officials were investigating a possible leads into the location of Pinkston. Sheriff Mason believed he was close by. 

"I just want Mr. Pinkston to know - you next. So, it's best to come on in while it's fresh," Mason said earlier.

There was a reward being offered through Crimestoppers for any information leading to Pinkston's arrest. 

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