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Volunteers lend a helping hand to tornado victims in Wesson

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WESSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In Wesson, storm survivors continue to pick up the pieces after a possible tornado hit the heart of their town. They got some much needed help from volunteers across the region willing to get their hands dirty to help during this tough time.

“When I first saw it there were no words to describe that feeling,” said Fire Chief  Sammy Moore

Sammy Moore is the fire chief of the volunteer fire department in the Strong Hope community.  Monday's sever weather destroyed his and his wife's home of two years and they their dog died.

“It is hard to watch. We walked away crying many times today. It is hard to watch,” said  storm victim Maryann Moore.

Instead of providing support to others as they usually do, the couple got a helping hand Saturday from dozens of volunteers and even some pint-sized ones who raked, swept and salvaged what they could from the home.

“You help because that is what people or neighbors do when something bad happens,”  said volunteer Lillian McCain.

The Moore's place was just one of many that took a beating from Mother Nature in Wesson.

“There was between 30 and 40 homes that were damaged and there were six that were a total lost,” said volunteer Jeff Didon.

Jeff Didon is a member of American Patriot the III%. When his team heard about that damage, they also traveled from across the region to assist the Mississippians in need.

"This is America. This is what we should do for each other,” Didon said.

“Give these people food, water and shelter. There has been absolutely nothing done here other than volunteer organizations. Get out here and help these people,” volunteer Tim Quinnelly said.

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