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Woodrow Wilson repairs mean smoother Monday morning commute

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The barricades are gone and now traffic is flowing over a newly repaired section of Woodrow Wilson Avenue.

The major Jackson thoroughfare reopened Friday after repairs to a water main break near the Capital City's medical corridor.

"This is actually why I'm going this way is to see if it's actually smooth or not," said Jana Robertson as she approached Woodrow Wilson from Peachtree Street Sunday.

The Jackson motorist was is headed to the repaved section in the eastbound lane of Woodrow Wilson for the first time since the roadway reopened Friday.

For months she has been among the drivers who have endured a wet and pothole filled ride or avoided the area all together.

"That surprised me that it went on for so long and I was kinda concerned about the flooding was gonna react for the high school and stuff but I guess it was OK, and I'm glad they got it fixed now," said Roberts.

In November a steady stream of water began seeping from the cracked asphalt.

Potholes worsened over the months as water eroded the pavement and soil beneath.

Many cars sustained damage.

On January 18th Woodrow Wilson was closed for the start of repairs.

According to Public Works officials,  a 36 inch pipe made in 1960 ruptured.

It's replacement had to be specially designed.

City officials said the continued flow of water was necessary to supply the hospitals in the area.

The repairs were completed last week.

"Just after all the weeks and months of this it's really great not to have to go a different way. So this is great, said Michelle Mack who travels Woodrow Wilson.

While some we spoke with are happy about the recent repairs to the eastbound lane, they also want to see repairs to the uneven pavement and bumpy surface in the westbound lane.

"Well I'm just hoping because I have to come over a lot that it gets better because it is bad and everybody knows it's bad and just the bumps are horrible. But hopefully the opening will get better and we'll get going," added motorist Melanie Billman.

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