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Port Gibson High student stabs brother and student on school bus

Source: Family Source: Family
Victim's father.....Source: CCSD Victim's father.....Source: CCSD
Victim's mother and brother.....Source: CCSD Victim's mother and brother.....Source: CCSD
CLAIBORNE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Port Gibson High teenager is in the hospital after being stabbed on a school bus.

His classmate has been arrested and her father finds himself behind bars in Claiborne County after he brought a gun onto the same bus where the stabbing took place. 

The altercation happened Thursday morning on the way to Port Gibson High. One student is recovering at the University Of Mississippi Medical Center.

 “Wartuez Williams, he got stabbed in front of my house,” said the victim’s aunt Shemika Shorter.

Shorter, along with other friends and family, were at UMMC praying that their 17-year-old loved one would recover from his stabbing wounds.

“They had to put him on oxygen and everything because he was losing his breath. I even talked to the little girl that stabbed my nephew and he still didn't listen," said Shorter. "I said you don't want to go to juvenile school for stabbing someone, but I guess she wanted to do what she wanted to do,” 

The mom of the teen accused of stabbing Williams with scissors was at the sheriff's office and she was livid about what happened.

“I'm upset my daughter got put in jail to protect herself from this child, but I deeply feel remorse about the child. I hope he makes it,” said Tracey Terrell.

She claims her kids had been bullied for months at their schools.

“I feel bad, I am sorry that this happened, but I wish that someone would have talk to these children before it actually got out of hand,” added Terrell.

Terrell’s son, George Smith III, was also involved in the fight and had a small injury on his arm. He tried to explain his side of what happened during the fight with Williams.

“I got up tried to move close to my sister then all of sudden, he just hit me in the back of my head. I took off my jacket and stuff and hit him and he fell all of sudden,” said Smith.

Smith’s dad, George Smith Jr. was also arrested because he showed up to the bus with a gun after the fight. He is being held on at the Claiborne County jail on $2,500 bond.

Sheriff Frank Davis said this fight was senseless and disturbing.

“When young people get to fighting now and every time it happens, it is with a weapon," said Davis. "It is a knife or for most times it's with a gun many times and ends up with the person’s life." 

The brother who was stabbed was treated and released from a hospital in Claiborne County. 

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