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Will water filters remove lead from drinking water?

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PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Three On Your Side looked at water filters after the news of lead in Jackson water. We wanted to see if water filters you buy at local stores can remove lead from your drinking water.

Local store managers said customers have been coming in asking for these items.

"We've had an increased interest in them, said Revell Ace Hardware store manager Scott Copeland. "They want to know if we have some kits that can test the water."

Customers are coming in wanting to know more about the different brands, sizes and kinds of water filters in stock at Pearl's Revell Ace Hardware. This since the news of lead being in Jackson water. Copeland says his team decided to see what filters would actually filter out lead.

"The best one we have is this Pur filter here, said Copeland. "It reduces 99 percent of the lead. The good thing about it is you can use it just to filter the water you are going to consume."

Some filters can be attached to your water faucet inside your home or office. According to the packaging one filter can remove 99 percent of the lead.

"We have to do a little more research on these under the sink filters," added Copeland. "None of them really list the lead being reduced."

Some filters are just for your taste preference and don't actually remove lead, according to packaging.

"A lot of them take out the chlorine for taste and the sediment," said Copeland. "I know everyone is looking for the ones for lead now so we are going to try and do something about that."

Copeland said they have ordered lead testing kits where you can test your water at home. The test will only take about 10 minutes and will tell you whether your water is safe to drink.

For more prevention tips log on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

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