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Legislative divide stalls work at State Capitol

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We follow developments at the State Capitol to hold the lawmakers accountable. Most of what they did Friday was behind closed doors that media was told it couldn't open.

The contention seems to be between the legislative black caucus and the speaker. More than that, between the parties. Everything came to a head Thursday when the legislative black caucus committed to trying to slow down the legislative process. 

Their problem was with the redistricting of a Supreme Court district. Legislative Black Caucus chairman Earle Banks said the bill reduces the black voting age population. And that's the best district they have a chance of getting a minority elected in.

"Somebody's flexing their muscle," said Rep. Tyrone Ellis. "I think, to be honest with you, this was part of the agenda that is coming to fruition."

"This happens about once a year," noted Speaker Phillip Gunn. "It's part of the process. I guess people who are not in the building think it's something to be alarmed about. But as I said, we worked it all out. And it's just normal everyday stuff."

As a reminder, the Republicans have a supermajority in the house. In that respect, many weren't surprised that party politics escalated to a new level.

"We had a glitch in the road," added Gunn. "It occurs about once a year and I want to commend the black caucus for working with us. We reached a resolution and we're back on track."

Both sides confirmed that resolution but did not provide details. The House returns to the Capitol at 2pm Monday.

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