Kids and parents get fit and learn healthy choices - - Jackson, MS

Kids and parents get fit and learn healthy choices

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Hundreds of kids and their parents got moving Saturday, learning to get fit and live healthier.

Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber's Task Force ofr a Healthier Jackson Children's Boot Camp was held at Center Court at Metrocenter Mall.

It was a day of dancing, fun and exercise with games, live entertainment and more.

Parents were also offered educational sessions on healthy lifestyles for children.

The session had a military theme with timed competitions for both parents and children.

"What are yall out here doing today? We're dancing and having fun," answered eight year old Seth Thomas.

"The impacts are immeasurable whether you're talking about long term healthcare coast, or whether you're talking about impacts to family budgets or whether you're just talking about having a healthy workforce. it's all the same," said Mayor Yarber.

"Dancing is a great way to burn calories and just get healthier because you're getting healthier. I encourage all my patients if they don't want to do the jogging or the traditional exercise, go ahead and do some fo the dance exercise such as Zumba which is a great exercise program," said family physician Dr. Timothy Quinn. 

Plans are underway for the next event before the start of school in August.

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