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Fake company claims Jackson is home

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A phony company that claimed to be located in Jackson has fooled at least one woman into giving all of her personal information to imposters. 

One of the most recent acts of fraud investigated by the Better Business Bureau in Mississippi involves a fake company called Raynold's Wholesale Services. The con artists claimed they were located in an office building on Briarwood Drive in Jackson. The company came across as legit online because they stole the identity of a real company's website.

The deceptive schemers also provided an employment agreement and tax and direct deposit forms to a job seeker out of Georgia. The woman was told she would make $20 an hour working from home. After contacting the BBB she learned the company was fake. 

"This is an unfortunate situation for this young lady," said John O'Hara, the CEO for the Better Business Bureau of Mississippi. "She's had to put a freeze on all her accounts, checking account, social security, to make sure somebody doesn't open up credit or file a tax return under her social security number because they have all of her personal information." 

As of last week, the Raynold's Wholesale Services website was no longer online. Click here  to check out the Better Business Bureau's website and learn more about protecting yourself from fraud. 

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