Confederate Heritage Month declaration sparking controversy - - Jackson, MS

Confederate Heritage Month declaration sparking controversy

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Making April Confederate Heritage Month in Mississippi isn't a new thing. But the current political climate with the flag fight is intensifying the reactions.

"It's to remember that you fought to keep us in slavery and that doesn't fair very well with black people," said Representative Credell Calhoun. "We don't like that."

"Where do we draw the line?" asked Marc Allen, public affairs for the Mississippi Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. "What do we not honor in the way of American soldiers?"

Governor Bryant's communications director told us the Sons of the Confederate Veterans requested the proclamation. The group's public affairs said they inquired about the month but did not make a new request. Still, they're glad to see it in place.

"The language this year was significantly different," noted Allen. "In years past, the governor charged the Sons of Confederate veterans to make appropriate memorials and ceremonies for Confederate dead."

But the fact that it was signed during black history month has some questioning it even more. Representative Adrienne Wooten said you can't ignore everything that's happening at the Capitol with the flag fight.

"If they want to debate history, first you need to learn your history," said Wooten. "And I'm not just talking about African-American history. Learn the history as it was and stop trying to make it be something that it's not."

"We are honoring those people who stopped there and took up arms to defend their new country and their homes from an invading army," added Allen.

Bryant's office noted that both Republican and Democrat Governor's before him issued similar proclamations. They said it goes back before Musgrove but that's as far as they're able to confirm.

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