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Mississippi parents rally for additional vaccination rights

A group of parents pushing for more vaccination rights in Mississippi rallied outside of the state Capitol Wednesday morning. Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights is pushing for the passage of House Bill 938. If passed, the legislation would allow a child's doctor to have the final say when it comes to vaccination exemptions due to medical reasons.

The current law requires doctors to have immunization exemptions approved by the Mississippi State Department of Health. 

"Many of us are testifying today that the health department does in fact deny our doctors exemptions even based on very legitimate medical reasons," says Mary Jo Perry, the Co-Director for Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights.

Doctors with the Mississippi Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics oppose the House Bill 938.  A written statement from the group says, "We feel that opening up exemptions to immunization requirements to the extent called for in House Bill 938 will result in disease outbreaks of now rare diseases like measles and whooping cough that can kill or maim a child. Infants and babies are especially at risk. (The one infant death due to whooping cough in 2012 was secondary to the infant's older brother and parents not being immunized against whooping cough). These outbreaks will dramatically increase health care costs in our state, put pregnant women and their babies at terrible risk, and strain Mississippi's health care system."

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