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CONSIDER THIS: Changing a culture

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Jackson has had a wave of deadly crime and it is going to take everyone working together make it stop. Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance says it best, so let’s listen to him.

Consider This:

"We find ourselves in the midst of a very disturbing trend as it relates to deadly shootings and violent crime. There are no silver bullets. This has to be solved over the long term; house by house, community by community. The value of human life in some of our neighborhoods must be restored. It must be restored to those who appear to be perpetrating these crimes. Values must be reinstated. Obviously life has been devalued in the minds of too many people.Those same people find themselves in possession of deadly weapons with bad intentions. So it's a terrible formula, It's manifested it's self in a very ugly way over the last four days. this is the sixth homicide we've had in the last four days so obviously this is no way for a city as great as Jackson, for it's citizens to have to live in."

"We've got to keep on fighting. Again, there are no easy solutions. There's no silver bullet. These solutions have to found in the hearts of individuals who are involved in these type lifestyles, while they still have a chance to save themselves or save others who may victimize them or they may victimize. It's a struggle but you cannot give up. We won't give up. we will find out who did this and we'll hold these individuals accountable."

The Police can’t stop this madness without your help. It will take real action.

Posting RIP or telling someone they are in your thoughts and prayers may make you feel better, but it doesn’t bring that person back.

A cultural change in the community has to happen. If you live in Jackson, I challenge you to step up and join Chief Vance in this fight. 

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