Party politics stretch debate length in Mississippi House - - Jackson, MS

Party politics stretch debate length in Mississippi House

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

More than four hours of debate on one bill and party politics at work. That's what happened at the state Capitol Thursday.

The so-called Jackson airport takeover passed the House. But not without plenty of debate. It still has to go back to the Senate before heading to the governor. 

It was a long drawn out morning and afternoon in the Mississippi House. The specific bill under debate was the Jackson airport bill. But underlying party politics are the reason for a lot of the passion.

"You want to play your games and you want to do this or do that because you have the super majority. But right now you're going to act super something else," said Rep. Tyrone Ellis-D.

Democrats don't think they have enough facts to back up intervening with Jackson airport business. And some claimed the speaker has made a promise to kill the bill.

"So much of what we do here at the Capitol is based on trusting the person we're dealing with. And if you can't trust the person you're dealing with, in this case, the Speaker of the House, I don't know how we can work together," explained Rep. David Baria-D, House Minority Leader.

Democrats took turns offering amendments and speaking against the bill. Continuously bringing up the super majority flexing its muscles. But Republicans turned their nose up at the idea that it was a show of force.

“I hear those criticisms but generally those are from people who have seen that they're not going to win a position. So, they're using what they can to make a an argument to try to carry the day, I guess," added  Rep. Mark Baker.” 

Supporters say it's nothing more than restructuring of the airport board.

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