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Making a Difference: Mable Starks

Mable Starks is a remarkable lady who does great things.

She made a Delta Arts Gallery and Craftorium that she located in an empty store on Washington Avenue in downtown Greenville, right beside one of the few stores that never left downtown in the great exodus, S. Goodman’s.

Now, locating a new business in downtown Greenville is an inspiration in itself, for a lot of folks.

Everett Chinn is the PR Specialist with Greenville’s Public Schools. He says, “It’s her newest venture.

But just her passion and commitment to education and further enhancing the Mississippi Delta right here in Greenville is really awesome.”

In another capacity, Ms Starks work with the young people of Greenville has gotten most folks attention, especially her dealing with members of gangs whoare found often just hanging around on street corners.

She says, “When we see our young people out there we can’t be afraid to stop our car, get out of our car and go and talk to them.”

Frankly, that’s when I click the door locks and speed up. Consequently, that’s why I’m not changing lives like Ms Starks is doing in Greenville. She runs the Youth Build program with the Delta improvement organization MACE.

Long-time Greenville resident, Rebecca Goodman has to be Mable Starks biggest cheerleader. Rebecca says, “..Which helps a lot of the young people find their way that maybe have not had that opportunity like others. Helps them get their GED, helps them find jobs. Become young productive people in this community. Which is a real benefit to all of us. Takes away from the crime and the gang violence and all that.”

Mable adds, “These are young people who are basically on the streets who we tend to think don’t want anything, that they just want to be there. Let me tell you that is incorrect.”

And Mable Starks has proved that they are anxious to change their lives by getting youngsters OFF the streets and into jobs and even into college, right off the street corners. 

And most of it is because of her willingness to do so and her believing that things like that can happen. She says, “I’m an optimist. I think every child who comes before us we can make a difference.

Reflect on how much of a change one person can make next time you sit at a table at her new venture in downtown Greenville sipping on a glass of wine after work, thinking about how folks around us are making a difference.

You can keep up with Ms Starks and the Delta Arts Gallery and Craftorium by liking their Face Book page.

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