Business owners tired of water leaks in Jackson - - Jackson, MS

Business owners tired of water leaks in Jackson

Business owners tired of water leaks in Jackson

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Two Jackson businesses faced with water leaks in front of their business off Highway 80. They said, they just want the problems repaired.

Danny Martin said, "It's just unreal."

Water continuously poured from a fire hydrant in front of City Motor Company in Jackson. The water saturated grass causing standing water in the ditch. Employee Danny Martin said this is a problem the city needs to repair.

Martin said, "The fire hydrant has been leaking for over a year. It's been going on for about 6 months, the main water leak."

The main water leak Martin is referring to, which is causing water to stand in front of the car dealership, is at the neighboring business. Owner of Maypop of Mississippi, Frank Kertis, said it's been leaking since October of last year.

Frank Kertis said, "I'm really not faced with anything other than it's impossible to manage because it's turned into a swamp. It washes the soil away. it's broken a couple of times so, we just deal with it to be honest with you."

Kertis said although this leak does not directly affect him or his business he does have concerns.

Kertis said, "The thing that concerns me is this water feeds all the restaurants up and down this road and I eat at every one of them. I know the city ramps the pressure up to keep the lines flushed, but that doesn't give me a whole lot of piece of mind."

Both businesses have been in contact with the City of Jackson.

Kertis said, "Between us and my neighbors, we've called them a dozen times. They finally did send a supervisor out around January of this year, but basically all he could say was they have a lot of leaks throughout the city and we will address it on a prioritize basis. But, months have gone by and I am still not the priority, yet."

As for the hydrant leak, Martin said he hasn't had any luck with the city.

Martin added, "We called down there and talked to the water department, but they would never get back to us."

City of Jackson Spokesperson, Shelia Byrd, said she notified the Department of Public Works about the problems.

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