Councilman Stamps clarifies Ferguson, Mo. reference to Clinton d - - Jackson, MS

Councilman Stamps clarifies Ferguson, Mo. reference to Clinton during news conference

Councilman De'Keither Stamps (Source: WLBT) Councilman De'Keither Stamps (Source: WLBT)
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson Councilman De'Keither Stamps held an Easter Sunday news conference to clarify his comments on Ferguson.

Earlier this week Stamps mentioned the Missouri city when talking about the aftermath of the Clinton Police chase into Jackson that led to the death of  34 year old Lonnie Blue Junior.

"I'm not saying that we should condone any type of criminal behavior or exciting any riot in any way shape or form," said Stamps at Jackson City Hall.

The Ward Four councilman spoke to the media about his statement on Ferguson leading to questions in the community about his intent.

Stamps said the family's mourning being overlooked in Ferguson led to the unrest, and the Blues family pain is similar.

The council representative said he knew of no efforts to demonstrate against police chases but he would like to see local jurisdictions work together to come up with police chase policies.

"The link to the Ferguson issue is that pain that they felt in Ferguson got overshadowed by the local and national and global attention and people were still screaming what about my pain," said Councilman Stamps.

Stamps also expressed frustration with Clinton city leaders following the deadly pursuit.

"They said they will continue to do the practices immediately after the death, and that's what I'm talking about the disregard," added Stamps. "The family is in mourning, and you have the leaders of the city saying we're gonna keep doing it". 

Among those in attendance at the news conference was Minister Abram Muhammad, State Representative of Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

 The former eight year Colonial Heights Virginia police officer said he knew exactly what high speed chases can lead to and questions the pursuit of misdemeanor suspects.

"It just can't be a one way street where someone is constantly asking for change, needing change. There needs to be a talk. There needs to be a dialogue, needs to be a conversation but it doesn't seem to come from the opposite end of those who have the expressed written and governed authority to do so," said Muhammad.

Stamps also took issue with the chase occurring on nearly 20 streets in his ward, jeopardizing the lives of residents. 

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