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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods-Craters on Catalina

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There is a street in a south Jackson neighborhood that looks like it has more craters than the moon. It's Catalina Circle and 3 On Your Side checked it out in our Taking Back Our Neighborhoods report.

Cassandra Weathersby has to add a little extra time to reach her destination...not because of the traffic, but the obstacle course that her street has become.

"You have to be careful how you come out of the driveway; careful how you come up and down the street and, like I said, if you go that way, it does get worse," said Weathersby.

And she's not exaggerating. The streets are so bad, you risk serious damage to your car if you hit one of these craters. Weathersby says she called the city of Jackson about leaks along Catalina Circle.

"About a month ago, someone came out and said they were with the city," said Weathersby. "They were fixing the leaks because there was someone supposed to come and fix the road. That's been about a month and we haven't heard anything else since."

She continued, "It's very disheartening, especially having grown up here, you know, pretty much all my life," added Weathersby. "You hate to see that this is what our city has come to. When you have family and friends coming over, even in just taking care of business, it's just, you know, an eyesore." 

By the way, those eyesores at 145 and 153 Catalina Circle...we told you about in previous Taking Back Our Neighborhoods reports...they're still there and still nothing has been done.

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