Clinton violates drinking water standard - - Jackson, MS

Clinton violates drinking water standard

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CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

When Clinton residents open their water bills, there will be a warning inside. The city violated a drinking water standard. The letter to residents tells about health risks if they have infants, are pregnant, elderly or have compromised immune systems.  

Routine testing at a hydrant off Clinton Tinnin Road found an elevated level of trihalomethanes, a by product of chlorine. Seven homes were affected. 
"This is not an emergency, and our customers do not need to boil water and take other action. Pregnant women and children can drink our water," said Mayor Phil Fisher.

The mayor said he didn't want citizens to be alarmed by the mandated notification they will see in their bills which carries a health warning.

"I do know that by sending out that letter just on it's face would cause me to be disturbed. so I know it would other people," added Mayor Fisher. "I want to make sure people have the opportunity to hear there is no danger.This is chlorine and no other material."

Recently the city of Jackson's drinking water was found to contain elevated levels of lead. Similar warnings were issued.

Mayor Fisher stressed the water is safe to drink and the entire drinking water system is in compliance with required standards.

"Nothing threatening here," said the Mayor. "There is nothing endangering the public here. But there requirements are the letters have to be sent out even though their own numbers and their own testing afterwards so there is no need to."

The hydrant now has an automatic flusher on the line to further cleanse the water.

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